Methodological toolbox

The ADVANCE methodological toolbox collects detailed descriptions of the methodologies developed in the project. The toolbox responds to the widespread need in the modelling community to share methodologies and input data for the further improvement of integrated assessment and energy‐economy modelling. The toolbox includes new model components, mathematical formulae, algorithmic approaches, examples of model code, and generic input datasets. Each methodology is accompanied by instructions for implementation. Please access the ADVANCE Toolbox on the right-hand side of this page.

How is quality ensured? In a first phase a core group of 1-3 “pioneer” modelling teams developed, implemented and tested innovative modelling approaches. Based on the results of the pioneer group, suitable reduced‐form representations for use in other models were developed. In a second phase, the other teams participating in the task adopted and implement the modelling approaches in their models. Selected model algorithms and relevant generic input data sets that were used to parameterize individual IAMs are now made available to the entire modelling community via the ADVANCE project website. The selection of tools was based on the criteria of relevance for the wider modelling community, successful adoption by ADVANCE modelling teams in the course of the project as well as easy applicability by external modelling teams. All tools were subjected to a peer-review to ensure high standards of data quality and adaptability to other models.