Transport infrastructure module

The transport infrastructure module aims to allow IAM groups to implement a bottom-up estimation of the costs and impacts on service demand, energy demand, and carbon emissions of the deployment and maintenance of transport infrastructure such as roads, railways and airports.

Input data


These spreadsheets contain a data set that can allow modellers to include costs and constraints on the deployment of transport infrastructure in IAMs. More specifically, the following data are provided: (i) costs for deployment and maintenance of road, public transport and air travel infrastructure for 12 Global Regions for 2010, and (ii) regional data on construction capacity, vehicle road occupancy, land area, density limit and size of parking space. There are no changable cells or options i.e. the data is fixed. The data set should be used in conjunction with the document AdvanceWP5.4_method



The methodology provides a detailed description of variables and relationships used in modelling deployment of transport from reference to target year. This involves a calculation of total cost and the influence of service demand, and some physical and economic constraints on the deployment of road, public transport and airport infrastructure. A description of this implementation is described in the paper (Ó Broin and Guivarch, 2016) while a more detailed description is available in the note entitled AdvanceWP5.4_method.

How to use the module

To use the module, take the variables and relationships described in the file AdvanceWP5.4_method and the data listed in AdvanceWP5.4_data and implement them in your own model.


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