Diagnostic database

The ADVANCE diagnostic database collects the results from individual energy-economy and integrated assessment modelling teams in a single platform. It offers modellers easy access to diagnostic indicators that allow differences in model behaviour to be better understood, enable fingerprinting of model responses as well as classification of models along their fingerprints. The Diagnostic Database is hosted by IIASA.

  • Why? The database shall improve the understanding of how model results compare to empirical evidence, and how differences across models relate to different model structures and input assumptions. It offers easy access to diagnostic indicators, their comparison across participating models, and thus allows teams to assess how their model is situated in the space of available models.
  • Who can participate? Every team with a national, regional, or global energy-economy or integrated assessment model is invited to participate in the diagnostic analysis.
  • How to participate? The first step is to register your model. Model registration requires to provide some information about model version, structure, and regional resolution. Once your model is registered, the second step is to run the diagnostic experiment set out in the protocol.
  • What are the benefits of participation? Participants will gain access to the diagnostic database at the time of submission of diagnostic model runs. Data access will allow participating teams to compare their model results and model diagnostics with other models using a Graphical User Interface.
  • Further information: Report on Interactive web-database with automated implementation of diagnostic and validation routines

For full view click here: ADVANCE Diagnostic Database (version 1.0)