Industrial sector cement guideline

A guideline has been constructed that can help the less detailed models separately model the cement industry. Main advantage of modelling each industrial sub-sector separately is that industry specific information, such as production technologies and energy savings measures, can be used that allow for a better representation of the industrial sector and therefore to more accurate model results.

Module elements

Guideline: Enhancing the representation of energy demand developments in IAM models – A Modeling Guide for the Cement Industry.

The guideline contains industry details, such as the breakdown of the technologies used for cement making in the different world regions and all key parameters, such as fuel and electricity intensities, clinker to cement ratios, and simple functions that can be used to estimate the regional energy use and GHG emissions (including process emissions). A list with measures that could be used for energy efficiency improvements and material efficiency are also listed and methods to incorporate them into the models are also described.

How to use the module

The methods that could be used to determine the regional energy demand and GHG emissions and how incorporate energy efficiency and material efficiency are described in the Guidelines.