MESSAGE-Access Model

The MESSAGE-Access Model code provides a method for analysing the climate policy impacts on energy poverty, specifically fuel choice and demand for residential thermal cooking energy, by explicitly considering changes in these choices and demand under alternative climate mitigation policy scenarios for heterogeneous population groups that are not typically distinguished in the models. A full documentation of the model and methods is provided in Cameron et al., 2016. A public version of the model is available at

Input data

A set of .txt files in the constraints, inputs, and settings directories provide all the input data required to calibrate the model in the base year as well as data on future population and income projections by population sub-group that are used as inputs in the model for future scenario analysis. Data to calibrate the model in the base year are derived from analysis of large nationally representative household surveys (currently a survey from the year 2004-05 for India). Future population and income projections are from the Global Energy Assessment (GEA), which are downscaled to population sub-groups based on methodologies that were developed for the (GEA).

Source code

An R script runs the “Access” model using inputs as described above for different climate policy scenarios that are represented in the model as distinct “fuel price inputs”. The R-script produces a set of outputs relating to cooking energy demand by fuel and stove type, scenario, population sub-group, and periods.

How to use the module

To use the module, alter the input data files based on analysis of own survey input data sets from the country or region of interest (if neccessary). The input data must follow the structure provided in "Example MESSAGE fuel price inputs.RData". Running the script will then produce computed fuel consumption for cooking by fuel type by time period in each household group.


Cameron C, Pachauri S, Rao ND, McCollum D, Rogelj J, Riahi K. "Policy tradeoffs between climate mitigation and clean cook stove access in South Asia” Nature Energy, (Published online 11 January 2016). DOI: